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We are passionate about doing what’s right for the customer, network connectivity and family. We are the best and would welcome the opportunity to connect with you today.

Our team

Welcome to our team, we don’t have dedicated sales people. Instead we have a team of architects and engineers who are the best at what they do. They are directly aligned to your business and take a hands on approach to getting things done. They know what is possible because they design and implement it on a daily basis. We are passionate about doing what’s right for the you as the customer, network connectivity and family. We are the best and would welcome the opportunity to connect with you today.

Aaron Cottew
Aaron CottewPrincipal Architect
As a founding director of netQ, Aaron is driven to provide the highest level of network integrity. Aaron has worked on major government and commercial networks in the UK and on some of New Zealand’s highest level network transition / transformation programs as Principal Architect. He has a passion for networking and a strong ability to quickly align and react to customer challenges.
Adrian Soh
Adrian Soh Principal Architect
As a founding director of netQ, Adrian is focused on setting the highest standard of network excellence in New Zealand. Adrian is a wireless, security and network geek. He has worked on major government, enterprise, retail networks and is recognised amongst his peers as a leader in Network architecture and Enterprise level WIFI and RF solutions. He has a passion for network security and WIFI and adapts to challenges efficiently.
Adam Dodds
Adam DoddsChairman
As Chairman of netQ, Adam has considerable knowledge of Digital Transformation and the NZ market. He is recognised amongst his peers as a leader in the solving the challenges organisations face in bringing technology to the core of a business. ‘Excellence in business alignment’ is Adam’s mantra – technology must map to a businesses vision and business requirements. Culture, governance and process are his focus points.
Peter Carnie
Peter CarniePrincipal Architect
Peter joined netQ in 2016 following on from working within a number of the UK’s and NZ’s major enterprises. Peter is an incredible network architect. His rich attention to detail and relentless drive to do what is needed for the customer is second to none. Peter has a brand of high pedigree amongst his peers and is well respected for his skills.
Jackson Kwok
Jackson KwokSenior Engineer
Jackson joined netQ in 2016 to become the first Senior Network engineer for the company. He brings considerable experience having worked across the value chain (ISP, Service provider, vendor and most recently with a large multimedia provider). Jackson’s attention to detail and a strong focus on excellence to the customer is hard to match.
 Jason Everard
Jason EverardPrinciple Consultant
As a Principle Consultant with over 20 years in the industry, Jason has an incredible pedigree in network and security technologies. Jason is a network strategist and architectural advisor to both global and home grown corporate/government organisations. Jason has an impressive reputation and is often sought by his peers for guidance and insight regarding current and emerging technologies.
Marco Huang
Marco HuangSolution Architect
Marco has joined netQ as a Network Solutions Architect. A highly qualified network expert he has experience with major NZ ISP’s and a carrier-class education and research institution. Marco has excelled in network design and implementation of complex, converged data network infrastructure including Cyber Security, Wifi, Datacentre, and DevOps. His ability to deliver the right solution for the right reason is second to none.
Sajid Abbas
Sajid AbbasSenior Network Engineer
With over 10 years experience in large scale enterprise infrastructure, Sajid has worked in major financial, education and hospital networks. Sajid is a network operations expert, able supporting the day-to-day needs of any network no matter how complex. His customer centric approach means he will strive hard to deliver a solution to match and exceed your expectations.
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