netQ’s value added service simplifies your Procurement purchasing process.

We know Procurement can be time consuming and in the current supply chain challenge, stressful too. Our job is to remove the roadblocks, save you time, effort, money and deliver you a great service while we are at it.

Few businesses fully recognize the true competitive edge a well-run procurement practice can deliver. The current reality being constrained flow of goods due to delays accessing raw materials, which means customers frequently suffer delays due to lack of flow of products around the globe.

netQ strives to achieve lower lead times to deliver to our Customers by:

  • Operating a 3 day target turnaround on quotes
  • Collaborating with distributors to hold high volume stock locally
  • Providing multi-channel options to purchase products, enabling best price and supply chain options
  • Holding accredited vendor partner status to leverage the best discounts available
  • Using smart systems to automatically raise quote renewals to ensure subscriptions and support do not lapse and impact your business

We work with major Vendors and Distributors to deliver great outcomes.